52 Week Challenge: Week 25/19th June - Story: Toy Story

posted June 18th, 2017
Hey all,

Another week of the 52 Week Challenge begins, and it’s another fun one for you this week :)

Tomorrow, June 19th, begins Week 25, and the theme is:

Story: Toy Story

Not the movie! Tell a story with toys or about toys. (Kind of like the movie…)

Tag: 52wc-2017-w25

Remember to tag your images with this week’s tag, and feel free to share your images here on the thread.

If you’re new to 365, or you’ve just discovered this challenge and would like to find out more, the original discussion thread which has a list of the themes, dates and tags for each week is at the following link:

If you’re feeling numerical, details of @bulldog ‘s 365 challenge can be found here:

If you want to be notified when the weekly reminder is posted, comment below and I’ll add you to the tag list. Same goes if you’ve been on the list but would now like to be removed.

Have fun!
posted June 19th, 2017
@m2016 Thanks Mel!
posted June 20th, 2017
Thanks Mel.
i went out shooting with this in mind
i Think it's on the card. I'll see when i get to the darkdesk. as i no longer have a darkroom it's now my wife's craft room lol
posted June 20th, 2017
Thanks for the reminder- I'd gotten ahead with my shots and knew it would be about soon for the next topic.
posted June 22nd, 2017
I don't get round to saying thanks much for posting these reminders every week, so here is a BIG thanks for doing it, mucho appreciated. :)
posted June 23rd, 2017
I agree @stephanies thanks for doing this and reminding us.
posted June 23rd, 2017
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