Shoot without looking - 3

posted June 19th, 2017
Thank you to everyone for giving my image the thumbs up! I do quite a bit of shooting without looking - partly because I am not a confident street shooter yet and partly because I like to see be surprised with what I capture.

This new challenge was started by Kathy @kathyboyles. She describes it as follows: 'This is a fun challenge where luck followed by creativity produces your entry. The idea is to take a photo without looking through the lens of the camera, then produce something interesting from the result.'

Some call it 'Shooting from the hip', often used in street photography.

The shot without looking can be taken any way your camera will perform. Shots without looking need to come from within the timeframe of the challenge, but overlays and other material can come from any time within your material. Cropping of the shot without looking is discouraged. Perfection is not the point. Interest and creativity is. You can enter as many times as you want.

The challenge will begin today, Monday 19th of June and will end on Sunday mid-night 9th of July ( Sydney Australia Time )

Please label your entries: swol-3

You can post your photos here and mention the challenge in your post to encourage others to join in. Have fun!
posted June 21st, 2017
Here's touch-up, just as-is.
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