WINNER - Macro music challenge

posted September 22nd, 2017
WINNER – Macro Music Challenge

We had a great response to the macro music challenge; there were 59 entries and a total of 59 votes have been cast across the six finalists who were selected from the many excellent entries. One person did vote twice - thank you for the enthusiastic support but your vote has only been counted the once!

Voting closed at midnight GMT yesterday, and I am pleased to announce the entry with the most votes was “Made in Kenya” posted by Marloes @stimuloog. Congratulations! Over to you now to host the next macro challenge.

"Made in Kenya" by Marloes @stimuloog

Previous subjects have been: motion, candy, knobs, buttons, cutlery, wood, eye, jewellery, stationery, fruit or fruits, water drops, St. Patrick’s Day, feathers, food, rust, leaf, herb/spice, money, tools, shells, toys, textures, bubbles, bugs, flowers, seeds, brushes, music.

Many thanks to all who voted:
@annied @vincent24 @yorkshirekiwi @evalieutionspics @pistache @30pics4jackiesdiamond @olenadole @northy @tigerdreamer @kali66 @graycie @kathyboyles @genealogygenie @cristinaledesma33 @carolineb7 @lsquared @dyanstevens @bill_fe @ksmale @salza @stimuloog @caterina @motherjane @m2016 @ludwigsdiana @not_left_handed @brigette @taffy @flowerfairyann @jackie365 @pcoulson @deborah63 @gardenfolk @wylieclicks @jeetee @olivetreeann @darlenet @grammyn @amyk @homeschoolmom @fbailey @adayinmallacoota @gosia @byrdlip @rumpelstiltskin @wag864 @anniesue @inthecloud5 @nicolecampbell @robz @clearday @moonmtn @k1w1 @kjarn @skipto7 @joemuli @kiwianna @dmdfday @helenhall

Thanks again to all those who entered. There were very many outstanding entries and it was very difficult to choose the finalists. You can browse all the entries simply by selecting the “Browse” drop-down menu, select “By Tag”, and enter “macro-music” (without the quote marks) in the search box, then hit SEARCH. Note: on a mobile phone, select the “More” drop-down menu, then select “Browse” and then hit the “Tags” tab header, go to the bottom of the page and use the search box as described above.

I have really enjoyed hosting this challenge – it’s been a delight seeing all of the images celebrating music, a subject very close to my heart.
posted September 22nd, 2017
@peadar Wow! Thank you all for voting and finally making my beloved Kenyan marimba to be the winner :-) I feel very honored!
Thanks, Peter, for the great hosting and I'll do my best to come up with a new interesting subject for the macro challenge in a few days.
So, stay tuned please!
posted September 22nd, 2017
Nice one @stimuloog
posted September 22nd, 2017
@browngirl Thanks, Kazza :-)
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