52 Portraits of Me 2019

December 31st, 2018
Once again I am starting the year back at 365 and will attempt the 52 Portraits of Me challenge. I'm mixing it up a bit so it's not exactly the same but some are repeated.

Join in every week or once a month or whenever you feel like it.

Week 1 is Beginnings - The tag to use is 52pom2019 as well as a weekly tag - week one will be 52pom2019-w1

Screen shot with some of December's self portraits:

Thanks to @summerfield for her inspiration after completing the challenge in 2017. For further inspiration you can look at the tag 52pom2018

Join in, have some fun while pushing ourselves out of our comfort zone.

1: Beginnings
2: Reflection(s)
3: Big World (make yourself tiny)
4: Long Exposure
5: Levitate
6: Mystery
7: In Bloom
8: Tell a Lie
9: You, the photographer
10: Your town/city
11: Grunge
12: Weakness
13: Disturbing
14: Glamour
15: Close Up
16: The 70's
17: Strength
18: Sadness
19: Balance
20: Multiplicity
21: Fly
22: Shadow(s)
23: Funny
24: Vintage (age yourself)
25: Wish
26: Fear
27: Winter
28: Creepy
29: Fairytale
30: Alone
31: Grateful
32: A Body Part
33: Surreal
34: Hidden
35: Love
36: Early Morning
37: Ghosts
38: Overlay
39: Motion
40: Science Fiction / Futuristic
41: Emotion
42: Monochrome
43: Dance
44: Relationships
45: Healing
46: Your Inner Child
47: Water
48: Forced Perspective
49: Silence
50: Imitate a Classic Painting
51: Growth
52: Endings
January 1st, 2019
Two of mine in your collage, thank you x
January 1st, 2019
@30pics4jackiesdiamond You're welcome, hope to see you again this year.
January 1st, 2019
Looking forward to having another go at this :)
January 2nd, 2019
@m2016 That would be great Mel.
January 2nd, 2019
I failed terribly last year - I will see what I can do this year
January 2nd, 2019
@annied I'm thinking about doing it too Ms Annie!
January 2nd, 2019
@annied So did I Annie! I always have the best of intentions. I will try my best this year!!

@gigiflower Yes, join us Sam!!
January 2nd, 2019
I'm going to try this but as once a month.
January 3rd, 2019
@la_photographic Fantastic, that way you get to choose one out of four that you like ;)
January 3rd, 2019
I just posted a portrait of myself - so maybe this will be the start of them! I'll try to remember to do one once a week :)
January 3rd, 2019
I've posted one for Beginnings, and hope to join in each week.
January 3rd, 2019
@not_left_handed @spanishliz Thanks for joining in and I look forward to seeing you both each week :)

January 4th, 2019
Thanks for including several of mine. I might attempt to participate in at least part of the year. I didn't make the whole 52 weeks last year.
January 4th, 2019
@henrir Just join in when you can Henri, I failed miserably last year!!
February 2nd, 2019
Is there some way to make this list easier to find? I have to go searching for it each week.
February 3rd, 2019
@spanishliz Hi Liz, I've been meaning to put it up each week with a reminder. You could also check the weekly sh*t list that Wendy @farmreporter posts with all challenges currently running. https://365project.org/discuss/themes-competitions/32726/january-31st-weekly-sh-t-list
I will post a reminder today.
February 3rd, 2019
@bella_ss Thanks, a reminder will help :) I did check the Sh*t list a couple of times, but could never seem to find this there. Guess I didn't look hard enough eh.
January 1st, 2020
Hello, will you be doing this in 2020?? If not I'll do my own with last yesrs list. Happy New Year to you x
January 2nd, 2020
@30pics4jackiesdiamond Hi Jackie! Sorry, I won't be doing it again this year. I have the best of intentions and then fall off the wagon again ;) Happy New Year to you too :)
January 2nd, 2020
@bella_ss thank you, I'll pinch these ideas then!!!
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