Editing Fun - ETSOOI-109 is now open!!

May 14th, 2019
Hi – I’m sorry to be posting this a little late – the start date is predated in case you had a great shot you were planning to use.

Thank you to everybody for your entries and votes on ETSOOI-108 and thank you to Carole (reply @yorkshirekiwi) for hosting the last challenge.

The ETSOOI challenge is a personal favourite of mine and it is always so interesting to see what wonderful end results are entered.

"ETSOOI is an acronym started by MaryBeth @espyetta. It stands for EDITING THE SORRY-NESS OUT OF IT - which basically means editing your picture in any way you like.”

If you are new to editing/processing here are some great websites you can use besides photoshop:

And remember that www.picmonkey.com is available to all ACE members – perfect to do some final touch ups after uploading your image. To utilize this just check out the section labelled "Photo Details" underneath your thumbnails after you have uploaded your entry.

You can also use mobile/cell apps such as:

Pencil Sketch Free
Deep Art Effects

You can use more than one program/app per image. This challenge is very relaxed so just play around with your photos and see what you can create.

Remember - your starting image must have been taken within the time frame.

You are encouraged to enter as many images as you like however, only one of your entries can be chosen as a finalist. The winner will host the next ETSOOI challenge.

THEME: Open – your choice of subject
START DATE: 12th May
END DATE: 5th June
TAG: etsooi-109

To see what has been submitted so far for this competition click here

And please do post your entries to this thread – it gives us all a chance to view your creations and it helps to keep the thread alive.
Cheers – looking forward to your entries.
Rob Z
May 16th, 2019
Here's one to keep the thread alive. I find these great fun - simply click on the "negative" or "invert" button (or the same thing with a different name in your program) and you magically have an entirely different image. :)
May 19th, 2019
@robz I love this one you have posted Rob. I inadvertently created an image to fit this category when I was playing with a photo that needed a bit of a boost yesterday ….
May 19th, 2019
@helenhall hi Helen-thanks so much for posting this here - it's nice to keep the thread alive. I really like how this has ended up with the delightful background and the 3 matching graduated images. :)
May 21st, 2019
Another one to bring the thread onto the front page - two inverted images combined.
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