Who doesn't want to discover the amazing MINIMAL possibilities that your home is hiding?!

November 17th, 2019
Hi fellow 365'ers,

Thank you for voting for my 'squashed wall'-photo with the outcome that I've got the honour to host the next MINIMAL challenge now :) Thanks Jackie, @jackies365, for so wonderfully hosting the former one.

I just love minimalism. Minimalism is all around you, it's just a matter of wanting to discover it and learning to see it and than photograb it of course. That's why the suggested optional theme for this 6th minimalist challenge is: 'inside my house', especially comfortable for those who are tight to home or too wimpy to go out in cold(er) weather ;) Minimalism, sometimes defined as 'the art of less', may even be helpfull to clear some mess inside your house ;)

This theme is not mandatory but can be used as a source of inspiration for example when you're looking for your photomojo anywhere. The photo here below is a personal example of minimalism: red colored water in a bath tub. Luckily I didn’t come out looking like a boiled lobster ;)

I find the YouTube videos of Ted Forbes about minimal photography, composition and negative space quite helpfull (copy them into your browser, please):



The challenge starts today, Sunday 17th of November and runs till Sunday 8th of December at 24.00 hours (use your own timezone). Shots must be taken within this time frame.
Tag: minimal-6.
I'll set up the voting asap after the deadline.

Have fun! Go minimal!

(Thanks at Wendy, @farmreporter, who makes the weekly SH*T List as a helpful guide in continuously changing challenge land!)
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