Call For Entries: BW 48 - Abstract

December 8th, 2019
The next B&W theme is "abstract." Anything abstract that strikes your fancy.. shapes, lines, color blocks, bokeh, lights, things laying around the house, on your holiday decorations, etc. Remember, black & white shows off your lines, curves, structures and shadows really well. Come at me, people, with those black & whites!

I am posting a kitchen whisk, below, just to get things started. :)

Start: December 7 (now)
Finish: January 2 (about 4 weeks; gets us through the holidays, if anyone finds something inspiring)

All photos must be taken during this time period. (based on the time tag on your upload).

Please tag your entries bw-48

I hope you all enjoy the challenge, and I look forward to seeing your entries!

It would be nice if you could upload your pictures also to this thread to inspire potential participants and to keep the thread alive.

For reference, here are the previous topics:
bw-1 High contrast
bw-2 Architecture
bw-3 Glassware
bw-4 Body parts
bw-5 Festivities
bw-6 Faces
bw-7 Landscape
bw-8 Patterns
bw-9 Still life
bw-10 Reflections
bw-11 Movement
bw-12 Seasons
bw-13 Silhouettes
bw-14 High key
bw-15 Fashion
bw-16 Technology
bw-17 Low key
bw-18 Long Exposure
bw-19 Refraction
bw-20 Expression
bw-21 Shadows
bw-22 Edge
bw-23 Flora
bw-24 Writing
bw-25 Negative space
bw-26 Speed
bw-27 food
bw-28 light rays
bw-29 animals
bw-30 minimalism
bw-31 urban
bw-32 stairs
bw-33 curves
bw-34 cracks and crevices
bw-35 Key
bw-36 Trees
bw-37 Drops/Bubbles
bw-38 The love of my life
bw-39 Fairy Tale
bw-40 Make something new look old
bw-41 Shapes and textures in Nature
bw-42 Macro/Extreme closeup
bw-43 Two
bw-44 Footwear
bw-45 Night Time
bw-46 Music!
bw-47 Toys and Games
bw-48 Abstract
December 8th, 2019
One to start everyone off!

December 8th, 2019
neat image, i will keep it in mind
December 8th, 2019
Lovely spiral
December 8th, 2019
ummm in the list it says bw-47 abstract but the tag is bw-48? have i lost the plot? wonderful image to get us going though :)
December 8th, 2019
@pistache OMG, thank you! I always get a bit stressed out when I host these things and it makes me prone to mistakes. :)
December 8th, 2019
@pistache The correct tag is bw-48. Thanks again for helping me proof-read my entry!
December 8th, 2019
haha i very much know the feeling ;)
December 27th, 2019
January 9th, 2020
Have finalists been posted for this?
January 10th, 2020
@lsquared I just did this evening. Thanks for the nudge, though. Work has been a tsunami! :(
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