You in Three? Darkroom Invites Thee

January 26th, 2020
Can you describe yourself in three photographs?? This week's Darkroom theme is a collage, triptych or composite of three photographs that combine to show the one you.

Our last theme of minimalism got quite a few people joining in and we just adored them all, and have chosen to showcase these

Alley Shadows by @rumpelstiltskin

Mooring by @helenhall

Tall & Skinny by @transatlantic99

This week tag your contribution darkroom-meinthree . We look forwards to learning more about each other in Thedarkroom and about you who follow and who join in with us

No shortlisting, no hosting, no judging just youinthree
January 27th, 2020
thanks for showcasing these Jackie!
Can't wait to see what entries get tagged for me in three :)

here was mine in the darkroom
January 27th, 2020
@koalagardens hopefully some!!
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