New Scenes of the Road challenge

February 2nd, 2020
Thanks to 4rky ( @4rky ) for hosting the last Scenes of the Road challenge (no 15). A word of thanks also goes to everyone who voted for my picture.
Scenes of the Road 16 is now open for entries. Entries will be back-dated to the close of the last challenge.

Tag your entries – scenesoftheroad-16
Start date - Monday 27th January
Finish date - Saturday 29th February
All photos must have been taken and posted within this time frame.

Scenes of the Road explained: Capture a scene off the road, of a road, next to a dirt path, of the traffic during your commute, from the platform of a train station, people waiting at a bus stop, out the window of a plane, or the scope of a submarine...etc. Show us something in your travels. Capture something of the world, of life we pass by every day.

Obviously the disclaimer: DO NOT PUT YOURSELF IN HARM'S WAY.

Check out all the entries here:
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