Mundane Challenge is Back

February 11th, 2020
Thank you Louise @Imsa for hosting the last mundane challenge! And thank you to everyone for waiting so patiently for me to launch the next one.

The subject of the new challenge is sock(s). Show me your neatly stacked socks, your rolled up socks, the socks you are wearing, the ones you knitted, the ones you have discarded...etc. Any old sock will do!

You are allowed to use any photographic technique you like to capture this everyday object. THE MAIN RULE: there can be no question that the object of the challenge is the star! So try not to let your props steal the attention away from this mundane object.

Start of the challenge: Today, 11 February, 2020
Finish of the challenge: 3 March, 2020 (all time zones considered)

Tag for the challenge: mundane-socks

Entries for this challenge may be viewed here:

Bench, ice, toothbrush, screwdriver, veggie peeler, bar of soap, scissors, electric plug, paper clip, jar, language, cardboard, toothpick, hex key, hair comb, screw, button, key, coin, ballpoint pen, shoe, glass, plastic bag, thread, books, light bulb, toilet paper, envelopes, door handle, tea bag, broom, tin can, egg(s), shoelaces, clothes peg/pin, wheel, mailbox, pill, bottle, chain, zipper, seed(s), vegetable(s), cutlery, playing cards, mobile phone, pasta, chair, camera, blanket, paper, rubber, tack, hanger, index finger, mouse (non-furry), sock, bubbles, candles, bread, beds, tap (faucet), strainer, match, umbrella, paintbrush/es, corkscrew, stairs, mirror, rock, cup/mug, knob, buckle, rake, power pole, box, clock, nail, gears, hinge, wastepaper-basket, hammer, cheese grater, ruler, glasses, gate, chocolate, towel, light-switch, iron, garlic, banana, flip flops, pillow, blinds, plate, keyboard, lens, biscuits, sponge, thermometer, spatula, bottle tops, pencil, battery, twist tie, paper cup, elastic (rubber) band, nut (hardware), frying pan, salt, road signs, curtain, garlic, magazine, leaf, watch, coffee,hose-pipe, mail, salt and pepper, can-opener, road markings, sweets/candy, pumpkin, bench, rocks, human ear, lock/locks, fence, window, hat ,tire/tyre, cord/wire, brick(s)

Post Script: I clearly need new glasses. (actually I do have new glasses - perhaps that is the problem). Despite having scanned the list several times to check that sock had not been used before, I now see that it has! This was some six years ago, so I guess no one will be too troubled by the repeat. If so, I do apologise.
February 11th, 2020
nice theme :)
February 12th, 2020
I like this theme!
February 12th, 2020
Oooh got an idea!! Gotta sock it to ya, fab choice!!!
February 12th, 2020
@kali66 @mzzhope @30pics4jackiesdiamond I have just added a postscript since I see now, that sock has been used before. I am working on the assumption that no-one will mind - but if you think I should change the subject do let me know asap. I have added an s to the original tag to separate the entries. Sorry.
February 12th, 2020
It's fine!! No-one will mind, it was ages ago
February 13th, 2020
Sock will be fun.
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