Tag Challenge 167 - entries please!

February 22nd, 2020
Thanks to Jackie @jackies365 for hosting the previous tag challenge
and thank you again for voting for my "Old Countryside!"

Time for the next tag challenge!
The challenge here is to combine luck with creativity to see what you can do with your random tags.

The rules are easy:

Step 1: Click on the "Browse" section and select the "By Tag" link. Close your eyes and randomly click on a tag.

Step 2: Do it again - no peeking!

You will use those two randomly chosen tags as an inspiration to create one picture that encompasses both tags... or for an added challenge you can try three tags if you want to!

Please CLEARLY state your two (or three) tags when you post your entries as this will let me know what your tags are. You may submit more than one entry -- you may use the same tags or you may randomly choose two new tags.

The dates for the challenge are today, February 22nd to Monday March 9th.
All photos need to be taken during this time period to be entered. Please tag your photos tag-challenge-167.

Thanks for considering and look forward to your entries!
February 22nd, 2020
@jackies365 - please be my proof reader - is this ok? Anything I need to change?
February 22nd, 2020
I promise, I didn't look! Mine are "black" and "reflection", with the optional third "blackandwhite".
February 22nd, 2020
@spanishliz - you can choose my lottery numbers!
February 22nd, 2020
How's this?
February 23rd, 2020
@valpetersen it looks good to me!
February 23rd, 2020
I got nature and camera...
February 23rd, 2020
Mine are reflections, black and white and buildings. Perfect tags.

Below is my entry.

February 27th, 2020
i got fun +graffiti
March 5th, 2020
oops forgot about this
March 5th, 2020
@kali66 plenty of time yet! Open until Monday 9th :)
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