Winner Shot it Out of the Park!!

August 1st, 2020

Congratulations to Sylvia @sprphotos for winning Get Pushed 417 with her humourous shot of ‘what’s leaving the frame’ filled with emotion.

Her shot may have landed in the water, but was a winner with the 365 community!

Well done! You have the weekend to bask in the glory before having the tough chore of short-listing Get Pushed 418 on Monday!
August 1st, 2020
Congratulations, Sylvia @sprphotos!
A superb shot (on the golf course and with camera)!!
You are the new host of the Get Pushed challenge.
August 1st, 2020
Fab winning shot ( hole in won?!)
August 1st, 2020
Oh my goodness, thank you SO much everybody! :)
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