WINNER Get pushed 418

August 9th, 2020
Thank you to all who took part in GP-418, there were some great entries. And, the winner is Sue @suez1e , congratulations!

It is now your turn to choose the finalist for get-pushed-419.

August 9th, 2020
August 9th, 2020
August 9th, 2020
Wow. That is a complete surprise. Thank you to everyone who not only voted but who has taken the time to comment on any of my photos.
August 9th, 2020
@sprphotos this is a complete surprise. Thank you for choosing my photo as a finalist. How many photos do i select as finalist for gp 419 and how do i select and show them.
August 9th, 2020
Hi Sue, @suez1e let me see if I can properly explain it to you as it was a challenge for me too.
1. Search for Tag by clicking on the search Icon then click on Photos - Type in Get-Pushed-419 on the Search line below the tags to view images
2. Look at every image and read the challenges given to see how well the photographer met the challenge, check the comments from fellow photographers.
3. We are asked to choose five finalists - you will find that it is difficult to choose only 5. All great attempts.
4. The Theme challenge end Sunday at Midnight EST I think, send out your notice Monday and give us until Friday at Midnight EST to cast our votes. Announce the winner on Saturday
5. Click on Discuss, then Themes & Competitions
6. Create a New Topic - called VOTE Get Pushed 419
7. Write a little blurb - to add your image choices - click on the image(s), then click on the arrow beneath the photo, copy the data and paste in the thread. The image will only appear once you have clicked on Start Topic.

To announce the winner, do steps 5, 6 with a new title for the thread WINNER Get Pushed 419 and 7.

Hope I was clear enough, let me know if you need further assistance.
Dear colleagues if I forgot something please help us out. Many thanks
Good luck Sue
August 10th, 2020
Congratulations Sue @suez1e
August 10th, 2020
Congrats @suez1e deserving win!
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