Black and white panning challenge

September 28th, 2020
Thanks to Wendy @farmreporter for running the last round of the black and white challenge, and thanks to everybody who participated and voted. A great challenge that produced some great photos.

The theme I have chosen is to create a black and white image using panning to create a sense of movement. There are a number of examples and tips and tricks on the internet and I'm sure many of you will be much more skilled at this technique than I am. I'm excited to view the photos that are submitted so please give it a go.

Start: Tuesday, 29 September 2020
Finish: Sunday, 11 October

Tag your entries bw-57-2020

Please consider adding your entry to this thread to inspire others and keep this thread alive!

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For reference, here is the record of the previous topics:
bw-1 High contrast
bw-2 Architecture
bw-3 Glassware
bw-4 Body parts
bw-5 Festivities
bw-6 Faces
bw-7 Landscape
bw-8 Patterns
bw-9 Still life
bw-10 Reflections
bw-11 Movement
bw-12 Seasons
bw-13 Silhouettes
bw-14 High key
bw-15 Fashion
bw-16 Technology
bw-17 Low key
bw-18 Long Exposure
bw-19 Refraction
bw-20 Expression
bw-21 Shadows
bw-22 Edge
bw-23 Flora
bw-24 Writing
bw-25 Negative space
bw-26 Speed
bw-27 food
bw-28 light rays
bw-29 animals
bw-30 minimalism
bw-31 urban
bw-32 stairs
bw-33 curves
bw-34 cracks and crevices
bw-35 Key
bw-36 Trees
bw-37 Drops/Bubbles
bw-38 The love of my life
bw-39 Fairy Tale
bw-40 Make something new look old
bw-41 Shapes and textures in Nature
bw-42 Macro/Extreme closeup
bw-43 Two
bw-44 Footwear
bw-45 Night Time
bw-46 Music!
bw-47 Toys and Games
bw-48 Abstract
bw-49 Cars
bw-50 High key/Low key
bw-51 Handles
bw-52 Bottles
bw-53 Backlighting
bw-54 High contrast photos
bw-55 Group f/64
bw-56- Natural Frame
bw-57-2020 Panning (current) - note: bw-57 was used in 2010
September 28th, 2020
What a great choice!
Will definitely be participating in this one!
September 29th, 2020
Great challenge...I just tagged bw-57 and there is a series if b&w scenes there already . Looks as if someone had unused that tag prior to these challenges. You may need to rag this
September 29th, 2020
@granagringa Thanks for letting me know. I note these photos were posted in 2010. I'm going to message Ross to find out what I should do now
September 29th, 2020
good idea...sorry for all the typos...glad you understood what I was trying to say/type! lol
October 1st, 2020
Sue - I sure hate to do this to you, but you really should put another hyphen between 57 and 2020 so that it remains all one tag. No need to make another thread informing people, just correct here it in your original challenge thread where it says Tag your entries: bw-57 2020 .
October 1st, 2020
@farmreporter I have added a hyphen to the bw-57-2020 challenge in the message part but can't seem to edit the subject line. I appreciate your comments, Wendy to help me sort this. I will check both 57-bw and 57-bw-2020 when the challenge ends
October 2nd, 2020
What do you mean about the subject line?
If you mean the title of your challenge (or title of this thread)- you are correct. That cannot be changed.
I would not worry about that.
I think most people come to the challenge itself to find out what the tag is and most just copy and paste it to their entry.
It will be fine! Really!!
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