Take Your Turn as a Graphic Artist in the Album Cover Challenge 121

November 20th, 2020
Thank you so much to our host of Album Cover Challege 120 Jenn @aikiuser for organizing the last round and holding not one but two votes! I am honored to have been selected as the winner since the last cover was a departure for me with its growling bear and blood red background. So it's time to get Album Cover Challenge 121 up and running. Here are the details:

If you are new to 365 or to this challenge, the album cover challenge is an excellent opportunity to use those photos lurking in the archives, discover the creativity of composites and layers as well as editing to your heart’s content!

Here's how to get the information for your album cover:

1. Go to the Wikipedia website. The title of the “Article of the Day” is the name of your artist.


2. Then go to Wikiquote page. The last 3 to 6 words of the quote of the day will be the title of your album.


3. Next, find or take a photo (photos) of yours that fits the album name and artist(s). You can use one single shot or edit with layers, text, and so on. The processing options are limitless. Don’t forget to crop your album cover in a square format to mimic an album or CD cover!

4. Use your favorite editing program to create your cover (or, if you don't have one, Ace members have free access to picmonkey.com -- and there are many other free programs out there). You can use any image of yours for the album, old or new, but you must use your own images and do all processing for the cover during the time frame of the challenge.

5. You can enter multiple times.

6. Tag your entries: albumcoverchallenge121

In addition to tagging your image, you can post your album to this thread, too. It’s always fun to see what others are coming up with!

To post a photo on this thread:
1) Go to your page that has the photo you would like to post.
2) Click on the arrow below your picture.
3) Find the 'Embed Code' box and right click on it to copy it, then paste it to this thread.

Time frame:
Challenge 121 begins November 20, 2020 and ends at midnight (any time zone) December 11, 2020. Finalists will be chosen and posted by December 12, 2020. Voting will be open until December 13-15 and the winner will be announced on December 16, 2020.

Some folks like to even include a write-up about their imaginary band and its album- so have fun taking your turn in the recording industry as a graphic artist and artistic representative, create a project and post it!!

Ann LeFevre
November 20th, 2020
@aikiuser Thanks Jenn for hosting the last one- finally got the next round up and ready to go.
November 21st, 2020
no offence but i have always found the regular quotes page to be best http://www.quotationspage.com
November 21st, 2020
artist= Campeonato Carioca (a football tournament )
album- Defeated in a Good Cause

Do not be afraid of defeat. you are never so near victory as when defeated in a good cause

Henry Ward Beecher (1813 - 1887)
November 21st, 2020
Artist - Somasila
Title - The first law of nature

Quote - What is tolerance? It is the consequence of humanity. We are all formed of frailty and error; let us pardon reciprocally each other's folly — that is the first law of nature. ~ Voltaire ~
November 23rd, 2020

None taken- I have just copied and pasted the info from a long time ago! I'll have to update the blurb I keep in my computer.
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