What Would You Do around a large sand circle ?

April 16th, 2021
There have been very few submissions to the on going WWYD202 Challenge, in spite of having already two possible starting pictures. As an additional source of inspiration, I am proposing the choice of a third starting picture. Can you imagine something that could happen in this scene ?

This image is a sand circle. It is an ephemeral creation made at low tide in a short time frame. It will be destroyed as the sea comes up. By principle, the design is made on the sand using only ropes and strings (no rulers, no sophisticated measurement tools). The difference of colours is created by turning up the sand with rakes (the dark areas are the freshly turned up wet sand).

There are two more weeks left in the challenge, which consists of transforming any of the three possible starting images any way you want by editing the pictures and by integrating more items.

As a reminder, the challenge rules and the first starting picture are here :


And the second starting picture is here :


I hope this additional opportunity will inspire some more creations from some new participants and from the current ones. This is a fun opportunity to let your imagination and your processing technique go wild.

April 16th, 2021
Sorry - just seeing this now. I'll have to see what the other pics are as well and have a go!
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