Intimate Landscape Winner!!

June 9th, 2021
Many congratulations to @iqscotland for getting by far the most votes for this lovely intimate landscape.

If you would now please host the next black and white challenge
June 9th, 2021
Very nice image! Congrats!
June 10th, 2021
Beautiful @iqscotland. Congratulations
June 10th, 2021
Thanks, it's appreciated.

Thanks, I was hoping there was a list somewhere, I was also hoping at least one of the ideas I had wouldn't be on it :)
June 11th, 2021
@iqscotland yourr very welcome. Repeats are allowed!!
June 14th, 2021
@iqscotland Congratulations on winning the challenge! Do you think you might set up the next challenge in the black and white series?
If you need information on how to do it, here is a little guide
Also, if for any reason you don't wish to host it, just reply to me or Jackie here and we'll pick it! Thank you so much!
June 14th, 2021
@monikozi Hi. I haven't forgotten about this, just been a bit pushed for time. I'm going to sort it out this evening :)
June 14th, 2021
@iqscotland thank you! No rush at all! Just making sure we don't forget about this. Sometimes life happens :)
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