3rd Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner Challenge! Join in the fun!

June 20th, 2021
Thank you Chris Cook @cdcook48 for hosting the second breakfast, lunch and dinner challenge (bld2). Also, many thanks to all of you who posted entries for the challenge and took the time to vote.

I am excited to host the third breakfast, lunch and dinner challenge. It’s such a great addition to have an ongoing food photography challenge. A big thank you to John Walton @lumpiniman for starting it.

As John envisioned it:
“If the challenge progresses it could become more specifically themed, perhaps specific lighting techniques or different foods or it may remain wide ranging. The winner of each round would host the next round and play a part in shaping the challenge. The rules of the challenge would mirror rules in other challenges.”

I have decided that this third round of the challenge will be wide ranging. I’d like to get lots of people interested in practicing their food photography. So anything goes that has some connection to breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Photos taken from June 17 through July 17 are eligible.

Please tag your entries bld3.

You can see entries at https://365project.org/tags/BLD3

As an aside, as I was searching for ideas for this challenge, I discovered that there are lots and lots of food photography blogs. Here are some examples compiled by expert photography https://expertphotography.com/food-photography-blogs/

Have some fun with this!
June 20th, 2021
That expertphotography link is so interesting
July 22nd, 2021
@jernst1779 Hello! I noticed that the challenge ended a couple of days ago and I can't find the voting thread. In case you set it up already, that's fine, ignore this message. In case you didn't and you are not able to do it, just let me know and we'll sort it out. Thank you so very much!
July 22nd, 2021
@monikozi Sorry. I know I’m late. Was away for a few days. I will get it up today.
July 22nd, 2021
@jernst1779 No rush Jean! I meant it as a kind reminder. Sometimes life gets in the way. It's good to know you know about it :)
Have fun and don't stress over this.
I'll be back with a reminder if needed :D you just can't get rid of me.
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