Take to the Street for Street-83 Challenge.

July 21st, 2021
Thank you to everyone who participated on street-82, and in particular to Monica ( @monica ) for hosting it and a big thank you too for all who voted. I am a fan of street photography, and whilst I am in South East Asia there seems to much on the streets which for me is different and worth photographing. Street photography comes in many forms so could I urge everyone to give it a go and enter the next Street Challenge which will be street-83.

Here are some links/article provided by others who've hosted before me... hopefully, they'll help you get started...


More can be read about the legality and appropriate behaviour relating to taking photographs of people in public places here:

http://valeriejardinphotography.com/ Seeing and recording the beauty of everyday life.

Tag - street-83
Dates: Starting the day after the last challenge closed.
Closing 15th August 2021. To be eligible the photograph must have been taken during this time frame.

All images posted can be viewed here http://365project.org/tags/street-83

Although not necessary, it would be good if entrants could link their entries to this thread; this will keep the thread high in the "latest" list, thus promoting the challenge and allowing others to see it.
July 25th, 2021
@lumpiniman Please excuse my ignorance - how do I do the “link my entry to this thread” thing?
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