WINNER 3rd Breakfast Lunch and Dinner Challenge

July 26th, 2021
The winner of the 3rd Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner Challenge is JackieR @30pics4jackiesdiamond for this fabulous entry “Crepes, with a Drenching of Sugar.”

Thank you very much to all who entered and voted in this challenge.

Congratulations Jackie! You are now the host of the 4th Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner Challenge and it’s your choice to have a theme or to keep it anything goes as long as it’s related to BLD.

I started a list of previous BLD challenges for reference going forward.

1. No theme
2. Black and white
3. No theme
July 26th, 2021
Oh my word, thank you so very much, I'll put my thinking cap on for a theme
July 26th, 2021
Oh my, now I want to eat that! LOL!
July 26th, 2021
@homeschoolmom I ate after the photoshoot Lisa!!
July 26th, 2021
@30pics4jackiesdiamond great action capture! congrats on the win!
July 26th, 2021
@jackies365 thank you so much!!
July 27th, 2021
Congratulations Jackie!
July 28th, 2021
Congrats Jackie. Looking forward to your challenge.
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