September 13th, 2021
First of all, thank you @tinley23 for hosting the last songtitle challenge , now it’s my turn ;)
Thank you all for voting and putting my photo “just the two of us” to the first place in this challenge, it was a first for me !
Thanks to Maggie @marlboromaam who told me that it could be a good entry for this challenge.
As it is a first for me I’ve done a copy/paste of the last instructions I’ve found and I’ll be happy to host this challenge.

The two rules are very easy:

Take a picture that reminds you of a song, or pick a song that reminds you of your photo

Include (PLEASE!) a link to the song in from YouTube in your narrative so we can all get a feel for how it goes with your image

Tag your entry: songtitle-78

You can enter as many times as you like, but I may only shortlist one of your entries.

Please don't use any of the titles below, so that other lovely tunes can get a look-in:

67. Music of the Night by Andrew Lloyd Webber
68. Lightening Striking Again by Lou Christie
69. Walking in a Winter Wonderland (various artists have covered this)
70. The House That Built Me by Miranda Lambert
71. Froggy went A-courtin’
72. I Could Have Danced All Night-from My Fair Lady
73. Flight of the Bumblebee
74. Bad Moon Rising
75. I can Hear the Grass Grow
76. Girls just want to have fun
77. Just the two of us

Start date: (backdated to end of last challenge) 10 September
End date: 9 October.

All entries must have been taken between these dates to qualify for the voting.

It's always great if you post your entries to this thread (as comments) to keep the thread alive and to serve as inspiration to others.

You can see entries here:

I wish you to have fun connecting photo and music, can’t wait to see your entries, let’s play !
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