Scenes of the Road 37

September 14th, 2021
Thanks to Sue (@suez1e) for hosting Scenes of the Road #36. Thanks to all those who participated and who voted. Here goes #37...

Capture a scene off the road, of a road, next to a dirt path, of the traffic during your commute, from the platform of a train station, people waiting at a bus stop, out the window of a plane, or the scope of a submarine...etc. Show us something in your travels. Capture something of the world, of life we pass by everyday. Above all, have fun but DO NOT PUT YOURSELF IN HARM'S WAY. Keep aware of your surroundings and stay safe.

Start date : backdated to September 9, 2021
Finish date : September 30, 2021
All photos must be taken and posted within this time frame.
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