Sports Action No3

September 17th, 2021
Sports Action No 3

Hi all,
I would like to thank Moni (@monikozi) for hosting sportsaction 2, there were some really great entries and I enjoyed seeing all the sports people came up with, thank you all who took part and those that voted, I am thrilled to be the winner, I love the challenge of photographing high speed motorsport,

It’s now time for you to enter Sports Action 3, this is a very wide-open category, any sport is eligible the only rule is that the main subject should be a human actively engaged in a sport of some kind. It need not be a competitive sport so recreational running, cycling, swimming, etc. is also permissible, but simply walking the dog is not,

You won’t have to look hard to find a subject, so get out there with your cameras and show us people all over the world having fun playing sports.

Tag your entries sportsaction3

The challenge will run from Saturday 18th of September and end on Friday 15th of October

Check out the entries < >
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