Abstractions are Here Again...Abstract 57 starts now!

September 21st, 2021
I am honored to follow Igor as the host of the new Abstract Challenge. Thanks to all who participated in the last round, Igor, for hosting, and all the entrants and voters.

The following is excerpted from MY MODERN MET https://mymodernmet.com/what-is-abstract-photography-definition/

“But just what is it that makes a photograph abstract? It can seem difficult to pin down an exact definition, but there are many characteristics that make up abstract photography. Most commonly, abstraction takes place when a photographer focuses in on a fragment of a natural scene, isolating it from its context.

By zeroing in on the color, texture, line, shape, geometry, symmetry, or reflection of a scene, that photographer warps our perception of the real world and familiar objects. For instance, if you take a picture of a green apple, but zoom in on just a drop of water running down the bright green peel in a way that a viewer doesn't immediately recognize the object, but is more driven by the sensation, then you've taken a shot at abstraction.”

There are more tips on taking abstract images in the above article, and the link below, which has been cited here before, is really helpful.


Try to keep this a photography challenge…more photography than digital art, as it were. But whatever, have fun…

Abstract 57 starts on September 21 and finishes on October 19th

tag: abstract-57
Entries may be viewed at: http://365project.org/tags/abstract-57

Please post your images to this thread to share the fun and inspiration.
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