New Landscape Challenge is Underway. Theme: water

January 24th, 2022
I was very honoured to have my image chosen in the last landscape challenge and I would like to thank Mark @markp for hosting. A big thanks also to everyone who entered the challenge and all those who viewed and voted for the finalists. Time now to move on to Landscape 45

Landscape photography is more than taking the camera outside to capture an expanse of space. It is the art of capturing pictures of nature and the outdoors in a way that brings your viewer into the scene. From grand landscapes to intimate details, the best photos demonstrate the photographer’s own connection to nature and capture the essence of the world around them (Nicked and adapted by @30pics4jackiesdiamond from

The theme for this edition of the landscape challenge will be water. Capture an image that includes the ocean, a river, a lake, a waterfall or even just a puddle. Snow and ice are just different states of water so they are also acceptable for this challenge. So go ahead, grab your camera, head outside and show us your best landscape images. Just be careful not to drop your camera in said water.

The starting date is backdated to the end of the last challenge: January 15
As I will be away the closing date will be set for when I am back home on February 20
All images should be taken between those dates. Submit as many entries as you like but, as usual, only one can be chosen as a finalist.

Tag your entries: landscape-45
Entries may be viewed at

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January 24th, 2022
@monikozi A heads up for the SH*T list Moni. Cheers
January 24th, 2022
Have a good time away Chris- fab theme (I would say that I live near the coast!!)
January 24th, 2022
Have a safe trip, Chris.
From now on, Wendy @farmreporter is managing the weekly sh*t list.
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