Black and White 70 - Furniture

April 12th, 2022
Thanks Chris @cdcook48 for hosting the last round. Many thanks to all those who participated in the challenge, to all those who voted, to all those who voted my photo, to the kitty that posed so gracefully and to my new lens :D :D :D There's a lot to be grateful for!

For the next challenge I would like to see photos of furniture. High key, low key, macro, fisheye, doll house, modern, classical, museum pieces. Whatever you can think of and qualifies as furniture. Even street and garden and park furniture count. But the subject has to be furniture, not a landscape.

Time span: April 1 to May 5.
Tag: bw-70

Current entries may be viewed here:
April 12th, 2022
Great idea for a subject Moni.
April 12th, 2022
@cdcook48 Thanks Chris! We shall see.
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