Street Photography Challenge #94

August 11th, 2022
Thank you to all my fellow 365ers who participated and voted in the Street-93 challenge. Thanks also goes to Liz @spanishliz for hosting the last challenge.

On to the next challenge.

I have checked, and to the best of my knowledge, I have never won the street challenge before. While it is one genre I don't do often, street photography most of the time can be a lot of fun. Like all other genres of photography, it will test your creativity and instinct as well as hone the use of your camera.

Here are some links/articles provided by others who have hosted before me; hopefully, they will assist and offer some guidance.

More can be read about the legality and appropriate behaviour relating to taking photographs of people in public places here:

You may combine your entries for this challenge with your other favourite challenges as street photography can cover a multitude of subjects. I encourage everyone to participate.

Your photograph must be taken during the following time frame:

Start date: August 8, 2022
End date: August 31, 2022 (midnight your time zone)

Please tag your entries Street-94

Entries may be viewed here:

Capture a slice of life, capture real moments, take your best shot.
August 14th, 2022

The last Street Photography challenge ran until the last day of July. It has been the usual practice to backdate the start of ‘Street Photography’ challenges to the day after the previously challenge ended, the choice of course being yours, as host to this round. As it currently stands any photographs taken during the first seven days of August would be excluded from the challenge.


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