Street Photography Challenge 95 begins.

September 5th, 2022
Thank you to everyone who participated in street-94 and in particular to
Vikki@summerfield for hosting it. A special thanks to all who voted.
We can take our surroundings for granted but remember what is ordinary to us may be of real interest to someone else. So go onto the streets and share what you find and enter the next Street Challenge which will be street-95.

Here are some links/article provided by others who've hosted before me... hopefully, they'll help you get started...


More can be read about the legality and appropriate behaviour relating to taking photographs of people in public places here: Seeing and recording the beauty of everyday life.

Tag - street-95
Starting date 1st September 2022 (backdated to end of last challenge).
Closing date 30th September 2022
To be eligible the photograph must have been taken during this time frame.

All images posted can be viewed here:

Have fun on the streets and keep your eyes open for that special shot.
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