Six-word story 134

September 27th, 2022
The object of the game is to take a photo and title it with a short story of just six words that describes the image. You can think of the title first and take the photo or take a photo that has a six-word story naturally attached to it. Either way - the title must consist of six words - no more and no less!

Joe Muli @joemuli, the creator of this fun challenge, has provided us with a useful link that epitomises what a successful six word story would look like.

You can submit as many entries as you like, but only one of them will be selected as a finalist. The photo must be taken & uploaded within the time frame of the challenge.

I am back dating the start of the challenge for those of you who may already have a photo waiting in the wings.

Challenge Tag: sixws-134
Start Date: Sept 9th
End Date: Tuesday 25th October

All Entries may be viewed here:

Have fun with this one!
September 27th, 2022
Congratulations Kali !❤️👌❤️
September 27th, 2022
My favourite challenge!!!!
September 29th, 2022
Kali - October 7th is a Friday. Did you want the challenge to end on Friday, 7th or Saturday, 8th?
September 29th, 2022
@farmreporter lol sorry, I am not sure what I was doing, i backdated it but that gives only a week so change it to Tuesday 25th October
September 29th, 2022
Sounds good!
October 27th, 2022
Don't forget to short-list this, Kali!
October 28th, 2022
@farmreporter thanks :)
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