Street 97 is underway

November 26th, 2022
Thanks to all who participated in the last street photography challenge and to @northy for hosting. It is a real honour to have my image chosen as favourite and I would like to thank all who took the time to view and vote on all the finalists. Now on to round 97.

Street photography is a genre that gives many people pause. It involves taking photos of strangers as they go about their daily lives. This is not easy for many, myself included, although as I persevere I am becoming less inhibited. One way around this problem is to be a stealth photographer and take photos of people surreptitiously. Whichever way you go about it, street photography can be fun and very satisfying so please give it a try.

For inspiration visit this gallery of images by one of my favourite street photographers, Vivian Maier:

Here are some links/article provided by others who've hosted before me... hopefully, they'll help you get started...

More can be read about the legality and appropriate behaviour relating to taking photographs of people in public places here: Seeing and recording the beauty of everyday life.

Tag - street-97

Starting date 1st November 2022 (backdated to end of last challenge).
Dates:Closing date 15th December 2022
To be eligible the photograph must have been taken and posted during this time frame.

All images posted can be viewed here:

Be careful on the streets, have fun and keep your eyes open for that decisive moment!
November 26th, 2022
@farmreporter Up and running Wendy
December 9th, 2022
@cdcook48 Must it be people Chris?
December 9th, 2022
@ludwigsdiana Typically, street photography involves people because you are trying to catch a look, a gesture, a reaction, a juxtaposition. Something that tells a story about daily life. It could be possible to take a street photo without a person in it but it should tell a similar story as it would if a person was in the frame, otherwise it becomes an urban landscape which is a different genre. One thing to remember; a street photo does not need to be taken on a street or even in a city.
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