The Final Days of WWYD 216 are here...

December 2nd, 2022
The current round of What Would You Do? ends on December 8, 2022, so get your creative juices flowing and pop Mr. Moneybags into a whole new world!

Tag your pictures wwyd-216

There's been some great entries already- but you're making my job as host too easy! So, let's see some more.

Ann LeFevre
December 3rd, 2022
Ann, here you say to tag WWYD-216 but I finally found the current entries with the tag wwyd216 (without the hyphen)—nothing under the hyphenated version.
December 3rd, 2022
@mcsiegle You are very observant Mary! Looks like I didn't copy and paste everything correctly into the reminder. Yes, the original post did say wwyd216 which I believe is the way it's always been tagged- but just in case someone tagged it the incorrect way I posted it here, I'll check both ways come Thursday so that everyone's picture is viewed for the Short List. Thanks for calling that to my attention.
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