WANTED: A Really Fabulous and Award-Winning ALBUM COVER!

February 27th, 2023
Thank you for voting for my "cerro blanco" album cover; it is much appreciated. Thank you also to the other photographers and finalists and those who participated in the voting process. Finally, thanks to Chris Cook @cdcook48 who hosted the last challenge.

Let's get the next segment started!

1. THE BAND: Go to the Wikipedia website’s main page. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Main_Page and choose any of the Featured Articles on the main page for your band/artist/musician.

If any of those featured articles do not appeal to you, you may try this: in the upper left of the Wikipedia logo, click on the the 3 bars and the Main Menu opens. Scroll down and click on "Random Article". The title of the article that comes up will be the name of your band/artist/musician.

2. THE ALBUM: Go to http://www.quotationspage.com and click on "Random Quotes" from the left menu. Scroll down to the end of the page. The last 4 to 6 words of any of the three last quotes on the page is the title of your album (whichever you think would go with your band or artist).

3. Next, find or take a photo that fits the album and artist(s). The cover can be made up of one single shot or an edit with multiple layers, and so on. There are no limits to processing options. However, please remember that album covers are square, so don't forget to crop it.

4. You may use any editing program to create your cover (Photoshop, Gimp, ipiccy, Ribbet, Picmonkey -- there are many other free photo editing programs out there). You can use any image for the album, old or new, but it must use your own photos/images and do all processing for the cover and upload it during the time frame of the challenge.

5. This challenge has evolved quite a bit during its course and lately a brilliant idea was introduced: if editing with software isn’t your thing you could create something manually – e.g. a collage or montage including text cut from a newspaper or magazine – and take a photo of that. Just remember the SQUARE crop.

6. You may submit more than one album cover but only one will be chosen per photographer.

START DATE - February 26, 2023
END DATE - March 31, 2023 at midnight, your time zone.
TAG: albumcoverchallenge143

You may view entries here: https://365project.org/tags/albumcoverchallenge143

To keep this discussion alive and current, you may post your album cover in this discussion thread if you are rather inclined. To do so, click on the three dots on the bottom right of your post and then copy and paste the embed code on to the comment box below. Your photo will appear in the discussion once you click on the Post Comment button.

I look forward to seeing your album covers!
February 28th, 2023
Isaiah 35
Its time for my nap

maybe Nana-nap lullabyes??

I don't generally feel anything until noon; then it's time for my nap.

Bob Hope (1903 - 2003)
March 11th, 2023
@kali66 - i think this challenge should be retired. it gets fewer and fewer participation or interest. i noticed that the tag challenge has died and i'm afraid this just might go the same way.
March 11th, 2023
hi Vikki, yes there are very few entries but it is fun challenge to me at least , an overabundance of challenges these days! i honestly had forgotten about tag challenge!
@farmreporter could we perhaps do a poll??
March 11th, 2023
rest it until somebody notices perhaps?
March 11th, 2023
@kali66 - i do love this challenge along with the artist challenge but you're right, there's just too many challenges everyone probably is suffering from challenge fatigue.🥴
March 11th, 2023
@kali66 - "rest it until somebody notices perhaps?" that's what's going to happen, perhaps.

a few challenges ago, i tried to liven this up by changing the 'quote' parameters and even brought back the original 'band' parameters - clicking on the random article instead of just the featured article. but i don't know how else to make this more interesting.
March 11th, 2023
yeah we can only do so much are there less folks on this website now or are people just less creative or time poor ??? hard to say.
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