Extension to BLD-19 Golden Triangle

March 20th, 2023
We’ve only had 4 entries from 3 participants, so I will be extending the challenge to the end of the month, 31st March.

This may be a bit of a challenge as it requires one to change perspective when viewing an image. However, I do encourage you to try it.

Here are some links explaining more about this technique, and some beautiful examples to inspire you.



You may view all current entries here: https://365project.org/tags/bld-19
March 20th, 2023
My brain doesn’t compute the concept of the golden triangle even with the links provided. If I manage to get a brain reboot and I suddenly get inspired I might give this a go but not hopeful. Advice and suggestions welcome.
March 20th, 2023
@wakelys this one is also challenging for me. I find it easier to first break down a composition into two squares and then placing focal points to draw the eye in the middle of each of the two squares. Then adjusting from there.
March 20th, 2023
@cristinaledesma33 thank you. I will continue trying to get this.
March 20th, 2023
And here I thought it was a challenge to divide a frame into four segments with each segment containing a different item (Mosaic style) .

No, a rotated version (loosely speaking) of Rule of Thirds?
March 20th, 2023
@byrdlip That’s a good way to describe it, loosely speaking, yes!
March 22nd, 2023
@wakelys I'm with you. Rule of thirds is easy for me to see in a potential image this one just doesn't click for me.
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