Landscape-56 - Still time to enter, but don't leave it too long!

April 1st, 2023
We've had lots of lovely entries for this challenge - see - but still room for more!

Show us your landscapes - in any way you care to capture them - no theme.

Here's a reminder of the info you need:

Tag your entries – landscape-56
Start Date – March 1st (backdated to the end of the last challenge)
End Date – April 10th 2023

Original discussion post

April 13th, 2023
Hi! I'm wondering if you can help me understand these challenges - I have to say I hardly pay attention to them, not because I don't want to - just too busy. I was flattered when you suggested I enter, but it never occurred to me I would get so many votes - does the winner host the next challenge? Not that I'll win, but seeing all those votes makes me nervous - I wouldn't know how to begin to select another challenge (not knowing what has been done so far - I glanced at a few, but I really feel ill-equipped to choose a theme. It looks like the one before yours was also landscape - is the winner to choose another landscape theme or any theme at all? Sorry to be so confused. :)
April 13th, 2023
Hi @ellene!

So don't worry about being confused and congratulations on being shortlisted (it was a gorgeous landscape)! It was the same for me when I won this challenge and hadn't the foggiest what to do!

Should you win, yes generally you do host the next round but the landscape one is a really easy one to do - the host of the landscape challenge doesn't have to think of a new theme, just copy what's been done before, changing the dates and tag 😊 - you can see my 'open for entries' post is exactly the same wording as the previous

And best of all, there's a fantastic crib sheet put together by Wendy on how to do the whole thing

Hope that helps and unconfuses a bit 😊
April 15th, 2023
@boxplayer - THANK YOU for the compliment, for the helpful information, and for relieving my anxiety!
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