We have an edit button for comments!

January 28th, 2019
Thank you Ross @scrivna for accepting our requests! My Merriam-Webster's is grateful, too!
January 28th, 2019
yes thank you Ross
January 28th, 2019
I see the edit button, too. Thank you Ross...this is a great thing to have. I always seem to notice my typos after I post the reply. LOL
January 28th, 2019
I've already used it three times! My new computer has this HORRIBLE butterfly keyboard and I make SO many typos. Thanks, Ross @scrivna !
January 29th, 2019
I am glad. It’s embarrassing when I try to say Great Shot and accidentally hit the I instead of the o
February 11th, 2019
Wonderful to see the edit button...I have used it twice today! Save so much time!
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