The Only Red by dizzyd

The Only Red

Quite a few apples appearing on the trees in Sudbury's orchard, but this was the only red one I saw.
Beautiful shiny, rosy apple. Is it me or is this apple upside down?
July 7th, 2016  
What a fantastic specimen. I confess it made me think - oh no, not autumn already! But, it is a really sharp and shiny capture whether it is upside down or not.
July 7th, 2016  
Brilliant glow on that apple. Looks deliciously crisp.
July 8th, 2016  
@shirleybankfarm @helenhall haha yes I noticed it appears upside down too..... but this is how it looked. The branch was at eye level so didn't have to get into a strange camera angle !!!
July 8th, 2016  
Fabulous colour! Like a jewel!
July 9th, 2016  
Love that pop of red!
July 10th, 2016  
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