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January 1, 2016. Beginning year 2! I learned a great deal through daily practice and participating in challenges, and have made many friends for whom I am ever so grateful. I've been thinking about my goals and revised rules for this year, and here's what I've determined.

1. Continue to shoot everyday.
2. Post the best photos over several days vs. one everyday.
3. Focus on technique and post processing.
4. Seek critique through various forums and classes.

July 3, 2015. I'm at the halfway point of my first year of my 365 Project. What began as a novelty has become a driving force in my daily life! I am so grateful for the inspiration, motivation, and expertise in the 365 community that keeps me researching and trying new techniques. Like everyone else, I sometimes struggle for an idea or the time to realize the shot I want, but the project keeps me focused on practicing everyday and finding ways to improve. Thank you so very much to all my current and future 365 friends. I hope to meet you in person someday!

January 1, 2015. I'm a retired educator, loving the time I have for my new hobby of photography. Routine is not my strong suit, though, so I'll be looking for inspiration and motivation to stick with the one-a-day post. Hoping to tackle the challenge of finding worthy moments each day and learning how best to portray the stories, in addition to improving my technical skills. Love to get pointers from others!