12.07 No wild boars allowed by domenicododaro

12.07 No wild boars allowed

I would like it were, but it's not sufficient to protect the lawn from the devastators. A gun, I would need, a machine gun!!!
i know the feeling... had a possum devastate one of my little trees the other night so i trapped it!
December 13th, 2017  
Perhaps you could import my husband (and his gun). I like the forlorn quality to this shot.
December 14th, 2017  
There is a strong desolate quality to this. The fence does look not quite up to the task. Not a gun advocate but, at times they sure come in handy.
December 14th, 2017  
@kali66 I mean, they have woods, the pond, the little stream. Hectares of land: now why do they have to come and destroy my garden? I’ll make sausages of them, I promise.
@francoise I could! He would have fun. The hunting parties here do good loot every year. And the feast at the end of the hunting day is sumptuous!
@joysabin actually it is not... and I’m not fond as well... but sometimes I wish I were!
December 14th, 2017  
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