Winter by domenicododaro


"Even the light seems to be dying
in these uncertain shadows a-changing,
that a pale dawn turn into dusk,
and any face into a skull mask"

F. De Andrè: "Inverno"
(Hope my translation is not offensive... here are the Italian lines of the third stanza:
"Anche la luce sembra morire
nell'ombra incerta di un divenire
dove anche l'alba diventa sera
e i volti sembrano teschi di cera")
Looks very cold
February 8th, 2019  
Very dramatic!
February 8th, 2019  
Your translation is vero Goodrich. You were able to maintain the rhymes which is Not always easy
February 8th, 2019  
such a dramatic landscape, great use of light and texture - fav
February 8th, 2019  
@bkbinthecity it was the wind, more than the low temperature...
@fbailey thank you!
@caterina thanks, Caterina! Your iPhone is really a fun guy... maybe it’s because you type in English with the Italian keyboard: try “impostazioni/generali/tastiera”: there you can download and activate other languages keyboards and then the corrector will follow the selected keyboard language!
@shannejw thanks a lot!
February 8th, 2019  
@domenicododaro yes Domenico that is the reason but with ma previous phone I Colussi switch easily from One language to the other while with this new One is Not that simile. However I will follow your advice while waiting to complete the configuration
February 8th, 2019  
Very dark and moody, very nice image
February 8th, 2019  
Just an incredible capture and yes, so dramatic.
February 8th, 2019  
excellent drama and atmosphere
February 8th, 2019  
Love the dramatic, dark and moody lighting.
February 9th, 2019  
Delightfully dark, moody and threatening. I can't see any problem with the translation though I can't speak/read Italian
February 9th, 2019  
superbly processed
February 9th, 2019  
Love the drama here.
February 9th, 2019  
Chilling, thrilling...and out there. Beware!
February 9th, 2019  
February 9th, 2019  
@leonbuys83 Thanks a lot!
@louannwarren Thank you. Sometimes just playing with exposure gives surprising results!
@pistache Thank you very much!
@jenp Thank you, Jennifer!
@golftragic Too kind of you... I should be ashamed in attempting poetry/rhymes in English.
@graemestevens Thank you kindly. Actually, all credits to the film...
@craigwantsnack Thank you very much!
@s4sayer We were wearing very warm clothing... Thanks a lot!
@robz Thank you so much, Rob!
February 9th, 2019  
Brrrr.....this image speaks volumes!
February 10th, 2019  
@domenicododaro We (old) Australians are mostly monolingual and very much admire Europeans ability to converse in more than one language.
February 10th, 2019  
Really cool photo!
February 13th, 2019  
So much atmosphere and drama
February 20th, 2019  
@lsquared Thanks a lot!
@4rky Thank you very much!
@golftragic :)
@365karly1 Thank you!
February 21st, 2019  
Why? Your English is better than some native Anglophones I meet.
February 21st, 2019  
@golftragic Too kind of you, Marnie... Thanks
February 22nd, 2019  
Your image beautifully captures the essence of Winter. Thanks for the link - loved listening to this song which I hadn't heard before. Congratulations on making the shortlist for the song title challenge :)
Good luck!
February 28th, 2019  
@4rky Ohhh... thank you so much! I'm humbled.
February 28th, 2019  
Saw this in the shortlist of the Song Challenge. Love these type of ballads (in any language), love the poetry!
February 28th, 2019  
@overalvandaan Thank you very much, Saxa. De Andrè has been a poet, indeed. Worth a careful listening.
February 28th, 2019  
Outstanding. A challenge for the camera itself never mind the photographer. You nailed it.
May 19th, 2019  
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