The kite #8 by domenicododaro

The kite #8

Today I fly my kite.
Among my books and my dreams. None of them true, all of them honest.
wow - great perspective + imagination - fav
March 28th, 2020  
super cool - this series is truly excellent, well thought out and completely original
March 28th, 2020  
Wonderfully creative
March 28th, 2020  
What skill you have... created in-camera, of course!
March 28th, 2020  
Excellent perspective! Fascinated by these...particularly as vertigo and I are strange bedfellows.
March 28th, 2020  
My favorite so far!! I like how you are about to fly away on the kite!
March 28th, 2020  
This is very COOL
March 29th, 2020  
This is something we've never seen on 365 before... in fact this work has never been seen anywhere. This is honest, creative, original art... take a well deserved ovation.
March 29th, 2020  
I fully agree with Richard! Just fantastic art!
March 29th, 2020  
I second @vignouse
March 29th, 2020  
Very nice
March 29th, 2020  
Marvellous and very clever, not to mention super-cool.
March 29th, 2020  
I can only second Richard as well - to cite Schumann (about Chopins first apperance in Paris) "Hut ab, ein Genie"
And i love the way you play around with angles - both graphical but also the POW, not to mentions your appropriate distinction between true and honest.
March 29th, 2020  
It is good to have those dreams. I think this is my favourite of your stories. The graphics are so striking, so cleverly done.
March 29th, 2020  
@pdulis Thank you very much, Peter, much appreciated!
@graemestevens Thanks a lot, Graeme. I’m enjoying the travel...
@jocasta Thank you so much!
@lostphojo Hahaha, sure, what else?!
@s4sayer An Italian pop singer wrote in an otherwise silly song a line I love: “vertigo is not fear of falling, but lust for flying.” Thank you!
@taffy Hope you like the next one, too... Thanks a lot!
@777margo Thank you very very much!
@vignouse Oh well Richard, this is a BIG BIG compliment, thank you so much, don’t think it’s fully deserved, but certainly welcome! Thank you so much!
@juliedduncan What can I add... Thank you so much!
@ukandie1 Thank you kindly, Andie! Hope you’ll like the next one, too... ;)
@bkbinthecity Thank you Brian!
@golftragic Too kind of you!
@runner365 Hey, be careful with those words, I could believe you! ... Why, really, thank you so much!
@helenhall And thank you again, Helen, love that you went through the whole series.
March 29th, 2020  
I do hope all is well with your and yours Domenico, we're hearing terrible things about the situation in Italy.
March 30th, 2020  
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