Clash of Titans #1 by domenicododaro

Clash of Titans #1

I was working hard when this email popped into my mailbox: “COME TEST THE NEW M10-R
The Leica Family’s newborn redefines the concept of image quality with a redesigned and unique sensor, piking up to a resolution of more than 40MP. Reserve your 60 minutes with Leica M10-R at the closest store.”
I slammed the laptop cover and was on my way
Then I came back, reopened it, reserved my 60 minutes and rushed out again.
Obviously, I had the Sony Alpha 7RIV with me.
You need to buy the Leica... sorry!
September 21st, 2020  
hahaha you groupie
September 21st, 2020  
You are in the loop, and what a lucky loop it is. Again, Leica wins.
September 22nd, 2020  
Certainly sharper
September 22nd, 2020  
That's quite the lens...did you end up getting it?
September 22nd, 2020  
Wonderful shots and interesting narrative. The Leica sure is a keeper!
September 22nd, 2020  
Well the Sony image is sharper and brighter, the Leica image is deeper and kind if old fashioned in appearance. I like it the best in this comparison.
September 22nd, 2020  
Both great camera's, what a treat to be able to test the Leica. But how you took the shots you cannot compare the two. Focusing closer with the A7RIV of course gives less DoF and the small images here don't do the sensor size any justice.
September 22nd, 2020  
@vignouse If I only could... but wait to the end of the test!
@kali66 I know I am...
@joysabin Indeed, but “con juicio” - it was really fun!
@jgpittenger I don’t really know, will you judge at the end of the series?
@taffy Actually, both lenses are mine. As well as the Sony, I was lucky enough to be allowed to test the Leica M10-R. And I did not...
@ludwigsdiana Thank you! If I only could I surely would 🎶
@louannwarren They definitely have a different character! Thank you
@leonbuys83 You’re so right. It was not really a technical comparison, more kinda playin' on the fly - handling, ease of use, general pleasantness of the image. However, focusing was on the same distance, maybe the aperture value was different... lol
September 24th, 2020  
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