Zwölferkofel no. 2 by domenicododaro

Zwölferkofel no. 2

So, it’s either you will love it, too, or you will hate it... I would photograph it forever. And the light was amazing that day!
I would be just as enthralled by this as you are. I could spend so much time here just studying its majesty. Fav!
September 25th, 2021  
i see two hooded figures, a small dragon and a small person to the right. don't mind me, i see things even when they're not there. aces!
September 25th, 2021  
Not an easy subject. I have to say it reminds me of Ansel Adams images and that is high praise indeed.
September 25th, 2021  
I can see the dragon too!! Super amazing image. Love all the shadows and shapes.
September 25th, 2021  
This is an incredible shot
September 26th, 2021  
Absolutely magnificent!
September 26th, 2021  
I love your mountain shots! They take me to a world I'll never get to visit.
September 26th, 2021  
What an amazing landscape!
September 29th, 2021  
@joysabin thank you kindly. It is a majestic peak, indeed!
@summerfield lol, you could see many legendary beings among these enchanted mountains! Thank you.
@jayholm64 too high praise, thank you humbly!
@sharandrah thank you very much! The Dolomites are home to many magics…
@cashep19 thank you so much!
@ludwigsdiana thank you a lot!
@juliedduncan why so? They are much more at hand than ordinarily thought. You only need a little spirit of adaptation…
@catcarter19 I’m happy you agree! Thank you so much
September 30th, 2021  
Beautiful, makes me really want to travel again!
November 27th, 2021  
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