Please Look After This Bear by dorsethelen

Please Look After This Bear

At about 9.30pm last night we decided we would give 365 another try as we have both only posted off and on since June 2018. There wasn't a lot to photograph but as we hadn't got round to taking the tree down, here's Paddington before he goes back up in the attic until next year!
I’m the same. Posted about 10 photos in 2017 but trying again for 2018
January 2nd, 2018  
Love him!!
I’m also giving it another go this year!
January 2nd, 2018  
I feel that its your project, your rules and you can post as you choose. I enjoy your work ever so much. Hope your New Year is Grand.
January 2nd, 2018  
best wishes for your photo project - and everything else! - in 2018
January 2nd, 2018  
My promise to myself is to do better on here this year too. Good luck for the New Year. Lovely image 😊
January 2nd, 2018  
@sminersphotos @teresaj @joysabin @anniesue @paul10 Thank you everyone... I managed 18 months (January 2015-June 2016) without missing a day. This year I am determined not only take a photo every day but to make time to look at the lovely photos everyone else posts - which has also fallen by the wayside! Happy New Year to you all! Looking forward to seeing your photos in 2018
January 2nd, 2018  
Such a cute photo! I'm also determined to do much better in 2018 in posting and commenting! :-)
January 3rd, 2018  
Oh love him!
January 7th, 2018  
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