Title: “Time to Trot Off” by doubleclix

Title: “Time to Trot Off”

Day 366: December 31st

And so ends my first 365 project. I began this series with the desire to open up and reawaken my creativity. I felt in a rut with my photography and thought a series like this would help with that, and to a certain extent it has done.

I have shot extreme macro, forests and woodlands, beaches, mini figures. I shot film and was able to publish it on the same day. I developed my in camera techniques, such as using a screen as a background, and developed a style of presentation which I like.

The urgency of the challenge however is somewhat at odds with how I feel about the world as I get older however. Needing to post a photograph that was shot each day was constricting, although that’s the point of the challenge. Several times I missed posting the image. Every photograph (bar one) was taken on the day I said it was, but sometimes posted a day or two later, so again in that respect I consider the series a success.

So the big question is will I continue this into 2021? Well, no. I’m putting the lens cap on and going to miss this year. That’s not to say I will not pick it up again in 2022 or a later year, but for now this is it.

I hope you enjoyed seeing the photographs in this series, and wish you all the very best for the New Year!
I have enjoyed your photos so much - best wishes to you in 2021 and hope to see you again ♥
January 1st, 2021  
Lovely shot - all the best in the New Year, and hope to see you back sometime
January 1st, 2021  
Have enjoyed seeing your photo's,keep them coming in 2021,all the best for the new year.
January 7th, 2021  
Happy new year Olly,enjoy your time out,but please come back.
January 16th, 2021  
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