United we stand by drsridhar

United we stand

Many times we come across funny coincidences but fail to notice..As you see in the above photo, both the lady and the tall gentleman probably trying to cross the road , concentrating the oncoming traffic.Both of them have their right hand kept on the waist ( the position one usually keeps if one has backache ). Not only that, as you observe even the hand position is the similar !
Very nice candid shot
February 3rd, 2015  
Cool shot
February 3rd, 2015  
@carlt Thank you sir
February 3rd, 2015  
@cljs Thank you so much
February 3rd, 2015  
Wonderful capture of a candid shot. I really like it - makes me feel all warm and fuzzy.
February 3rd, 2015  
What a lovely study.
February 3rd, 2015  
What a great eye and capture, Dr. S.!
February 3rd, 2015  
Perhaps they are mother and son. Well spotted
February 3rd, 2015  
Great shot, after thinking about this shot I realized...I do that too!!
February 4th, 2015  
super find to come across. fav
February 8th, 2015  
@nataliemac @creampuff @cejaanderson @wendyfrost @happysnaps @sailingmusic My sincere thanks for your encouraging words.
February 12th, 2015  
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