Remembrance Day

For Remembrance Day I had this particular shot in mind. Actually, I wanted to use a real poppy but couldn't get to a florist during the day. Best I could do was use my plastic poppy I bought from the train station in the morning.

My get-pushed partner @pennyp challenged me to take a minimalist photo. Hopefully this qualifies.
@pennyp my first attempt
posted November 12th, 2013  
Well done and the thought is the main thing
posted November 12th, 2013  
Awesome shot. Love this. I had a hard time finding a poppy, too. I just wanted the standard paper one that the vets groups sell, but couldn't even find one of them.
posted November 12th, 2013  
Very powerful shot. I love the simplicity of your composition and the contrast against the black.
posted November 12th, 2013  
Great idea for today
posted November 12th, 2013  
I like this. Have a thing about black backgrounds!!
Hope its not too intrusive to ask how you lit it to get the black background? I usually have trouble positioning the lights/flash to accomplish this so I end up tweaking the contrast to achieve it.
posted November 12th, 2013  
@dtigani @homeschoolmom @pflaume @llanito @bkbinthecity thanks all

@llanito I set the exposure time to a 5 seconds. Made sure there wasn't anything too close behind for light to bounce off, then I used an led ring light to light up the poppy for two seconds... A crude form of light painting. I did tweak the contrast a little in post but for the most part this is SOOC.
posted November 12th, 2013  
I love this. The red against the black, with the reflection is stunning. Beautifully composed and meets the challenge perfectly. Did you know poppy is the word for 11th, you could tag it nov13words, too.
posted November 12th, 2013  
@pennyp thanks Penny. I have enough trouble shooting and uploading everyday without looking for specific targets off a list :). Tagged now.
posted November 12th, 2013  
I really like the simplicity of the shot! The dark background and the bright flower. Great composition! FAV
posted November 13th, 2013  
This is a wonderful minimalist image, and especially appropriate for the subject matter. Although I can understand why you might have sought a real poppy, the fact that you were able to buy this at a train station today, with the words on it, makes it much more powerful of a statement of remembrance. It becomes a commemorating of "Remembrance" as part of a larger community rather than a solo act. Well done!
posted November 18th, 2013  
Stunning a minamilist image
posted November 24th, 2013  
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