Curvy by dulciknit


I spent quite a while with the spot healing brush removing dust particles from this.
Who knew elastic bands get dusty? How the hell do you dust an elastic band? :-/ :-D
I like the curved lines!
April 2nd, 2020  
Nicely captured
April 2nd, 2020  
hello stranger, great to see you again and I love your ababstract eye too !!!
Stay safe
April 2nd, 2020  
Cool image, why is it we can't see all that dust till after we achieve the image we like. LOL
April 3rd, 2020  
How did you get the rubber band to stay put like that! Loved your comment about the dust. So good to see your shot again. I've appreciated the comments you've left lately so I know all is well with you. I've just not been as free with time as I use to be.
April 3rd, 2020  
Hey stranger! Nice to see you again. I thought that was a mobius strip at first
April 14th, 2020  
flick it a dozen times maybe hahahaha
great curves and good to see you
April 15th, 2020  
Just wouldn’t know it’s an elastic band. Positioned just right.
June 17th, 2020  
...thanks for you visit to my 100 strangers pic of margaret ...nice to see you popping into 365 😀. Btw how long have had a canon eos R ...mirrorless ?
June 21st, 2020  
@phil_howcroft You're welcome, Phil and thank you.
Yes, it's Canon's mirrorless. I got it late last September after a lot of umming and ahhing since it first came out plus a week's rental of a model as a try-before-you-buy exercise. They say you should never be an early adopter of new gear and its reviews haven't been good but it does things that I wanted that the 6D didn't and had been bugging me. I was heavily invested in DSLR lenses but a couple of adapters and hey presto - no problem!
Did I see you've gone Sony mirrorless f-f ? How are you liking it?
June 21st, 2020  
That title is how I feel... LOL. Nice one.
June 24th, 2020  
Unusual for me to put something up before you... are you both OK?
July 7th, 2020  
And who knew a rubber band could provide for such an intriguing image? Well done! ...I've enjoyed perusing your album, terrific images--hope to see more from you soon!
July 7th, 2020  
Nicely done... love the simplicity
August 20th, 2020  
Fabulous, like it. Great capture
August 25th, 2020  
Well done.
September 24th, 2020  
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