Chequered by dulciknit


It was ten years ago today that I uploaded my first photo to 365. I haven't yet completed my 4x 365 photos though!
Happy 10th, Alison. You got me on this one :)
January 24th, 2021  
Not sure what those are, but I love the arrangement. Congrats on starting your 11th year!
January 24th, 2021  
I like the variety of the marks and the negative space on the right.
January 25th, 2021  
Great patterns and composition
January 25th, 2021  
A pleasing arrangement, well thought out.
January 25th, 2021  
happy 10th , just do your own thing at your own pace alison.
Your photos are always top quality, it is too difficult to maintain a daily feed of top quality photos.

Thanks for all the support and comments on my photography, I always appreciate your words and virtual friendship

Stay safe x
January 26th, 2021  
Congratulations on 10 years of 365 participation! Nice pattern here. I don’t know what these things are but you’ve made good use of arranging them for a bit of art.
January 27th, 2021  
I know what these are. Interesting - not sure it is abstract though. Interesting tones. Don't forget to recycle!
January 27th, 2021  
@netkonnexion I wondered if anyone would know what they are.

I didn't think this was an abstract either, so I haven't identified it as one in the tags. It was just the product of an idea bee that was buzzing around in my head and needed to escape.

January 28th, 2021  
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