Gatherings by dulciknit


Inspired by the gathered up end of a bread wrapper and mostly made from one.
My kinda shot. I like!! Hope you're good.I'm back too!!

January 28th, 2021  
A beautiful high key shot.Fav😊
January 28th, 2021  
Lovely shot. Very creative.
January 28th, 2021  
Very creative and so pretty
January 28th, 2021  
A very creative way to use something very mundane to make a beautiful image, full of finesse and transparency. I like your choice of white over white, as well as the variation in the sizes and in the patterns.
January 28th, 2021  
your creativity and abstract eye is second to none alison
January 29th, 2021  
Lovely presentation - reminds me of jellyfish
January 29th, 2021  
wow i thought they were convulvulus flowers
February 4th, 2021  
Excellent and clever idea. Sparked an idea for me.
Hmmm... are these bags with water in, or just the bags cut to shape. Love the idea of the use of water as an adjunct to some forms of transparency. There are lots of ways this could go... LOL. You got my juices flowing. I really love the feel of this, but wondering if a little more contrast or Gamma might just make the centres appear tighter. Just me thought-experimenting!
February 10th, 2021  
Brilliant photo. Very inspiring.
February 18th, 2021  
Very creative, very cool!
February 25th, 2021  
@netkonnexion No, not bags with water in. I cut the gathered-up end off the bread bag and then cut the rest of the bag into bands, pinch-gathered them and secured them with tiny, clear elastic bands usually used for securing thin plaits of hair. The arrangement is on a light pad.
I have another idea for something involving water but locating a suitable container is proving to be a problem.

Erm, 'make the centres appear tighter'? I don't really understand. I thought it might be a good idea to try out your ideas to see what happened but extra contrast led to a lighter outcome that caused loss of detail and extra gamma just made it all look darker, so I'm none the wiser!
It may have been just a thought experiment but you *did* think it out loud ;-P

February 25th, 2021  
@dulciknit - Yes, a thought experiment. A couple of the 'bags' looked a little loose around the 'neck'. As that tighter part of the bags was giving me some pleasure I thought a little more tightness there might deepen the darks just slightly and give you a more emphasised radial pattern. It is difficult to describe because I have no real idea of what I am looking at. So, I might be completely off mark. Thus, it was a thought experiment. I wos thunking rather than thinking... LOL.
February 25th, 2021  
@netkonnexion Ok, I understand now, thunk you. 0:-)
I think a little judicious burning might be the way to go; I'll have a play.
February 25th, 2021  
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