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I am in Southern California.

I started 365 in 2010, and I loved the experience. I had an ACE membership for years, but I accidentally let it lapse and lost all my posts. I post mostly on Instagram now (though I rarely do that).

I have decided to just post favorite photos from present and past rather than do the new photo per day thing. I don't have time to do much photography lately, but it makes me happy to revisit my faves. For the moment, I'm focusing on my favorite subject, birdies, but I may switch themes. We shall see. Or maybe I'll actually start photographing every day again.

I am sad to say that I don't get out my "real camera" nearly as often as I would like. My Pixel 7 takes amazing photos, and it's very handy! I long for less busy days when I can get out my Canon 6D, with 100-400 lens, and photograph more birdies. In the meantime, I am enjoying revisiting past favorites.